ACTIZYME Multi Purpose Cleaner


ACTIZYME Multi Purpose Cleaner is a household trigger spray pack used for biological cleaning of hard surfaces & the removal of unwanted odours.

Safe to use on all household surfaces

ACTIZYME Multi Purpose Cleaner is a Pro-microbial enzyme based formula combined with bio-degradable detergents to breakdown organic matter, such as grease, fats, oils, dirt, grime, fly spots, stains etc.

It penetrates into microscopic pores of the surfaces being cleaned, allowing the enzymes to ‘digest’ trapped bacteria ensuring lingering odours are eliminated.

Use to clean sinks, benchtops, rubbish bins, wheelie bins, dishwashers, ovens & stoves, range hoods,  tiles (& grout) toilets, chopping boards, hard floors, driveways, patios, outdoor furniture etc.

Available in 500mL Trigger Spray pack.

Safe for waterways, gardens, septics or sewers | Money back Guarantee | Not tested on animals | Europian Made & Owned
Material Safety Data Sheet