PLUMBERS MATE is a concentrated liquid that is used to clear slow flowing or partially blocked drains and stops odours by the biological breakdown of organic wastes.

PLUMBERS MATE contains safe microorganisms that release enzymes that cling to drainlines & ‘digest’ & remove the accumulation of human waste, vegetable matter, grease, fats, oils, soap scum, hair, paper etc. that builds up inside drains and waste lines.

Regular use will establish a biofilm in the drain preventing future build-up of solids. This will keep drains free flowing and odour free.

Use in  toilets, sinks, drains, grease traps, drain lines, septics, sewers etc to clear blocked drains and remove odours.

Available in 500mL pack size.

PLUMBERS MATE is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Will in fact accelerate the natural breakdown of organic waste.

Safe for waterways, gardens, septics or sewers | Money back Guarantee | Not tested on animals | Australian Made & Owned
Material Safety Data Sheet