Clear up the problem of blocked drains and bad odours quickly and easily with SAFE, NATURAL and ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE ACTIZYME pellets.

For over 40 years ACTIZYME has been helping unblock drains and remove unpleasant odours. It was developed in Australia and is made and owned by an Australian-owned family company.

How it Works

ACTIZYME is a blend of different enzymes that target the build up of organic waste matter such as grease, fat, soap & detergents, hair, toilet paper, vegetable matter and so on that build up in untreated drains, septic systems, grease traps etc.

The enzymes act just as they do in nature by breaking down and digesting this matter into smaller molecules which naturally occurring bacteria can then easily convert into mainly water and CO2, thus clearing the blocked drains. This also means that any nasty smells are completely removed!

Where can it be used?

ACTIZYME can be used safely pretty much anywhere. The enzymes themselves are naturally occurring throughout our ecosystem and even within our own bodies to help breakdown and digest proteins, grease, fats, vegetable matter and so on. Our saliva (Amylase) is one of the first enzymes in our digestive system used to begin the digestive process.

Use in DRAINS, SEPTIC TANKS, GREASE TRAPS, TOILETS (whether septic or sewer – even pit or pan toilets), in every area of the home and industry. Drains from showers, kitchens, laundries, waste treatment areas, septic pits, caravan & boat septic holding tanks, Port-a-loo’s, in-sink food disposal units, ground water sumps etc. Use wherever there is a drainage area or stagnating water build up or simply use to remove nasty odours. Safe for all plumbing materials – see packs for dosage quantities & frequency.

How quickly will it act?

This depends on the level and nature of blockage. Normally you will notice some improvement within 24 hours, but it may be a few weeks for very blocked drains. Note that if ACTIZYME is used regularly the drains would normally not get blocked in the first place!

If the blockage is caused by a living tree root, you may firstly need to call a plumber or try killing the tree root using products like Rootox™ which then allows ACTIZYME to digest the dead wood.

What about Septics?

ACTIZYME was originally designed to help septics work at maximum efficiency. Septic systems are especially prone to being ‘killed off’ by today’s nasty chemicals (especially the caustic drain cleaners and other anti-bacterial cleaners) and ACTIZYME helps boost the septics enzyme/bacteria system, allowing it to function well without any nasty odours.

ACTIZYME also assists by keeping the absorption trenches clear of blockages. ACTIZYME can also be used in our modern sewerage systems with the addition of ACTIZYME greatly assisting the downstream processing of waste products.

What about if the water from the drains is used on the gardens?

Enzymes are a natural part of the ecosystem and as such are harmless to the garden. If anything, they will ensure a quicker conversion of soil and other leaf material into good garden compost. (We actually sell a similar product designed specifically for compost bins to help speed the compost process).

Are enzymes safe for the environment?
Yes – the enzymes used in ACTIZYME are completely biodegradable and safe for the environment.

Safe for waterways, gardens, septics or sewers | Money back Guarantee | Not tested on animals | Australian Made & Owned
Material Safety Data Sheet