ECOZYME B+ 5L Liquid



Product Description

ECOZYME B+ is a commercial strength liquid used for biological cleaning & deodorising of hard surfaces and for breaking down and removing organic wastes.

USE TO treat human waste in vented portable toilets, open pans, urinals, vented holding tanks (in caravans or boats), open pit toilets, grease traps, waste outlets, drains and septics/drain lines etc.

This dual purpose product can be used to first clean basins, sinks, bathroom floors, grease traps, toilets, urinals etc before flowing into the drain/tank/septic/sewer and continuing its biological action.

Where more complete organic waste degradation is required (as in a sewerage treatment system) or treated effluent is to be discharged to a treatment plant use ECOZYME B+ in conjunction with ACTIZYME pellets.

Additional Information

Weight 5000 g